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November 29, 2007
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This is good news. I’ve been working with Rails 2 code for a bit now and have been wondering when this release was gonna make hit. Now it seems that it’s coming in just a few weeks.

You can catch the blog posting at the Rails weblog here. To learn more about the new features you should follow the link to the original Preview Release posting.

Also, you can check out Ryan Daigle’s blog  to find out specific feature updates. Be sure to look for the topic “What’s new in Edge Rails.”

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Yesterday the boys from BeenVerified headed out to Matchup Camp hosted by NextNY. It was an event where people in the NYC startup/tech scene came together to see what each other is up to. It was kind of like a singles meetup but for developers, designers, entrepreneurs and marketing folk.

I got to meet a couple of people yesterday too such as Eran Hammer-Lahav of Noucner and co-auther OAuth a new API authentication protocol that I’ve been toying with. I also met Kyle Bragger CTO of

Josh Levy, Ross Cohen (BeenVerified Co-Founders) and I also had a chance to meet and speak with Allen Stern of It was a nice opportunity to meet someone as influential as he is share our thoughts on the Identity world. He took some video of me giving a 30 second pitch on BeenVerifed. You can see it here.