keeping things simple (hopefully)
December 4, 2007
Filed under: Identity, OAuth — Jason @ 5:17 pm

Yesterday was the first day of the Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View, CA., held at the Museum of Computer History. The sessions held yesterday were just overviews of the technologies and issues we face today in the identity world. I was able to finally put some faces next to the names of some of the people who I’ve been seeing and reading online.

Some of yesterday’s presenters were Dick Hardt, CEO of SXIP, who gave his famous presentation on Identity and Doc Searle, who spoke on VRM (Vendor Relationship Management).

While we are here we are trying to get short video interviews on with some of the big names in Identity, find out who they are and what problems they are working to solve.  So far we were able to get Terrell Russell from ClaimID, Joseph Smarr from Plaxo, and David Recordon from Six Apart.

Today I’m gonna sit in on the OAuth Extensions group as the core protocol is being released as final I think today.