keeping things simple (hopefully)
January 10, 2008
Filed under: Funny, Thought Provoking — Jason @ 1:29 am

Browsing around Facebook and LinkedIn today I noticed that there are some people that just have way too many friends. How many people can you possibly be friends with… for real? And then a funny thought came to my mind:

“The more friends you have within online social networks and mmorpgs, the less likely you are to have real friends in the real world.”

I name this The Law of Inverse Online Friends. (If anyone can think of a better name, please share it with me)

Now, I know people may get upset with that law because of 2 things: First, that is definitley not a tautology (in the logical meaning) and second, who am I to say what a ‘real’ friend is? If you are one of those people, then relax, you are exempt from this law. Just take the stick out of your ass and get a life :)

[update:  Since the posting of this article, I have quadrupled my friends in facebook... ]